Cancer (horoscope)

If you’re a Cancer you most likely already know that you are defensive and probably materialistic. You've noticed that you are capable of being trusted to defend family values or other treasures that might slip away from some other members of your family or friends.

Your intuition is a very potent secret strength. Sometimes you "just have a feeling." And this internal inkling protects you and those you love through all sorts of weather, throughout your life. Many of you Cancers have fallen for solid luck stories that warped out to be tall tales, while others have felt betrayed by someone you once trusted. Don't let yourself become bitter or withdrawn, or you'll sink deeper into confusion.
Cancers are not destined to be by yourself - you need the safety of steady relationships, and the world wants you! Look inside for the foundation of bewilderment that allows you to be exposed to a rabble-rouser, fast talker or bad venture. Were you really taken advantage of, or did you allow your insecurities to quiet your superior judgment. Talk over your feelings with people you have a high regard for, transfer your thoughts into a diary, and generally get out of your shield in order to heal old wounds.

The record of Cancers mega-achievers is long, but the source of your power to achieve is not usually aspiration, in the conventional sense. You're just trying to take care of yourself and your family unit. You draw strength from customs of home, society and state. Your hard work to be a hard working civilian kind of naturally shift you into positions of status. Love of family and tradition is a great power for Cancer. By Mary Anne Winslow